Welcome to Admin Tome Training.  We strive to provide high quality courses at less of a cost than other on-line information technology courses.  You will find on-line courses here covering general devops and cloud topics including certification training.

    Available courses

    An introduction into what devops is and why it is important.  This course is highly recommended before taking any of the tools courses because without a firm understanding of what DevOps is you will not be successful in implementing the tools of DevOps.

    This course will guide you through learning how devops came to be and why it is the best solution to the problems we face in information technology today.  Devops is way more than just continuous delivery tools or infrastructure as code.  This course will prepare you for working in any position in information technology because the problems that devops fixes are seen in any information technology in almost all companies.

    In this course you will find the following features:

    • Interactive Lessons with Knowledge Checkpoints
    • Course Completion Certificate

    There are no prerequisites to this course

    This course is offered FREE of charge.

    Into to DevOps Flyer.pdfInto to DevOps Flyer.pdf